i have to hope

watching the farrah story tonight it slammed back the reality of humanity

so fragile, so strong, so determined, so weak

by the end of the two hours it was painfully obvious her fight is drawing to a close

but i must hope and pray she will go to a better place – just like Lisa

without that hope that something exists after our earthly existence i know i could not 

have survived these past two-plus years

i have to hope and pray that Lisa is free of pain, despair, guilt or any other humanly negative emotion

and is able to freely meet past family and new souls joining her

i am not sure what i would do without that hope – not sure it’s faith – just a deep deep hope 

that we do go to a better place

and i hope that for farrah after her searing, moving, raw story tonight

it was a gift for me to watch it


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