feeling it

reliving life’s experiences are not always simple

many are bitter sweet

others bitter

caught up in the pace of talking to others

trying to be articulate

time to breathe – loss of sleep too many nights

nightmares returned

time to step back

waiting on a “surprise” munny from a caring soul – ro

changes are happening – lisa’s first nephew graduates thurs – congrats chris!

school is winding down but at waldorf that means things speed up with trip after trip and faire after faire

danielle is doing better than i could hope in driving school

and i am still faced with the demons of 2.18.07, trying to get my damn head to stop hurting from the brain surgery

i’m feeling it all, and need to step back and breathe – too much too quick

thank you all for stopping by – i remember when our little blog hit 10,000 hits right after lisa died

a small thought to just share pics back in 2006 

it has become so much more for me – i’m not writing this for anyone else – except the children

so time to stand still, breathe, take it in and let go


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