my little man – david – nearly deaf at 17 months from neglect in other foster homes

his body riddled with the HIV anti-bodies from his birth mom

a woman who never held him for one minute of his life

a young man who had his coming of age ceremony at waldorf tonight

and proudly i cried as i watched him turn from the little “scooter” who didn’t know his name

to the young man who he is today

parents had to present to “gifts” – first was his baby blanket that he chose when

he came to lisa and i because at 17months no one had thought to give him one of his own

in the other foster homes – it symbolized his forever home 

and the second – so much harder – with lisa watching from above as i explained to the parents

and his classmates – his beloved cross with her ashes inside

simple things that mean so much for what my little scooter has been through

few people in the “system” gave him hope to function as high as he does

and i couldn’t be prouder tonight to be one of his moms

the kids in return showed their gratitude – his was simple “thank you for giving me a home”

your wings are getting bigger our little man – take flight –

other mom and i will be there to catch you if you stumble

you will always be my scooter

love, momIMG_4580

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