memorial day

tomorrow i stop and take pause – for those that have served and those that have served and died

my oldest brother served, survived the attack on the pentagon and i often think of him and his long service

my father served during the korean conflict – i had even thought – though briefly – of going to the AirForce academy 

good thing i didn’t b/c of don’t ask don’t tell – and that would have been AFTER i graduated 

but i digress – we hit 50, 000 visitors.  thank you all – thank you for getting to know our family in the virtual way

watching the kids grow, getting to know the amazing person lisa was

and i am left with thinking what she would have had us all doing this weekend – running to the zoo or mt. rainier –

and i, well, took the kids to a movie – david is with his class on orcas island until tomorrow

we will go put lilacs on lisa’s niche they are in full bloom – her beloved lilacs

thank you to those that have served or are serving

thank you to my brother


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