Marriage Ban upheld

sad to report that prop 8 was upheld 6-1 by california supreme court.. though the 18,000 marriages that happened prior are still legal 

talk about second class citizens – I can only hope that the Obama administration realizes this will tear at the very fabric of our constitutions

and a federal measure recognizing all as equal – marriage equality must happen

i feel daily the oppression of the 1138 federal right Lisa and I did not have and MANY of the washington state laws that discriminated against us

since she died prior to the domestic partnership act.

 I can’t receive her death Soc. Security Benefits, I have no say over her remains or the ability to allow our oldest son insert his letter to her – now that it is sealed.  

The one benefit I was thankful for – she was able to be on my health insurance as a state employee while she stayed at home. How naive we were – we were thankful for that small victory years ago… i think we settle for too little.  I wonder what we would have done had she lived – likely we would have gone to CA were we have family and friends to marry – since MA has a residence requirement.  But I have no idea – we never had the chance to consider the possibilities.

To my sister and her wife, to kelly and bill my ever steadfast supporters I am thankful your marriage is still valid.  My heart hurts for the thousands of other couples who will not realize this equality in CA for some amount of time.  But rest assured, I believe in my lifetime – it will happen – full marriage equality.



wonder where to help support full marriage equality – go to to donate (full disclosure I am a plaintiff represented by Lambda in Florida – but their legal expertise is unmatched in my mind and I am grateful that they are representing our family)

2 thoughts on “Marriage Ban upheld

  1. Samantha

    I heard someone on KQED Radio show “Forum” saying that this decision has created two classes of people who are exactly the same except for some of them were “faster” than others – the ones who got marrie and the ones who didn’t.

    Janice, do you think that if you and Lisa had been legally married in CA that it would have made a difference that terrible day in Miami?

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