it’s been two decades

today would be our 20th anniversary – it brings me to my knees

running kids to soccer practice, trying to recovering from a 5 day hospital stay – oh how I HATE steroids

registering K at her new school – looks like a good program with a spring trip to Washington DC – that grabbed her right away

Danielle getting her flight set for this summer to visit her godparents

all that happens in 20 years – it is amazing – what will the next 20 bring?

Delilah (at the time was ReNay) read our letter aloud on the local station on 6.8.89 and played wind beneath my wings

to meet Delilah last week to know I was one of those fortunate letters she carried around – 20 yrs ago

Lisa – god rest in peace my love, I miss you more than anyone will ever know



2 thoughts on “it’s been two decades

  1. autumn m

    i kinda just wanna give you a hug. not that it would make anything easier, but its the thought that counts. sooo….. ‘internet hug’

  2. When I first read about your case some time ago, I was outraged — the outrage hasn’t subsided. Nothing can replace Lisa in your life but maybe it would help to know that your case (among others) has brought national attention to why marriage matters and what what we call it matters. Marriage is “portable,” civil unions and domestic partnerships are not as you are painfully aware of. My partner and I send you our very best.

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