summer is in full force and fortunately we have only had a few days over 90, when I can’t move due to the heat

Danielle leaves in 2 days to visit her godparents (Lisa’s brother Michael and sister-in-law Cathy)

Then K,d and I leave from Seattle on Saturday for Alaska and BC for a week of bliss on another Rfamily Cruise

Katie is busy with volleyball camp this week and soccer 2 nights a week

David has football camp when we return and 2 nights of soccer

Danielle is finishing up her drives for drivers Ed and she is doing very well – then has soccer camps when she returns from CT

And I’m the glorified taxi driver, no tips left by the kids except their garbage in the car 🙂

Katie is heading to see her Aunt Marilyn/Scarlett in SF – and see Patty Duke (Anna) who is staring in Wicked – Katie’s favorite bdway play so far

so as we pack up to desert the house for a week – there will be few updates – but I say that every year on the cruise – we will just have to see 🙂


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