Alaska done

david chased parker around the boat not sure who started it

good to know david’s ankle has healed on it’s own

funny to think these two boys will graduate waldorf next year

david and I laughed how mr. morrissey would be in for a treat – fortunately their schools are 3K miles apart

danielle is having a wonderful time with her aunt/uncle and cousins

katie is exhausted.. sound asleep downstairs, kitties at her feet

woke way to earlier this a.m. to get off the boat

put some pics up, waiting for more from carlos and will do a video as usual

came home to healthy animals, a manicurred front yard, thanks to our neighbor (Lowe’s gift card coming their way) and a clean house

now time to re-focus – Lambda Legal event in seattle in early august and a radio show still waiting to be scheduled

football camps starts this week, soccer resumes and d comes home from CT.


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