7 thoughts on “The Story

  1. kesha smalley

    I listened tonight to your story (rebroadcast here in MI). I am at a total loss for words. I’m SO sorry for your loss, your grief and heartache. It is unimaginable in this country that you and your children were treated so horribly.

    I hope and pray to whatever deity is listening, that your lawsuit goes forward, full steam ahead and you come out the winner! What a thing to have to win though 😦

    I’m rambling, please forgive me and accept my heartfelt condolences on you and your children’s loss.


  2. Jen

    I listened to your story twice today – “The Story” airs during the day and at night in NC – and both times was so moved- and horrified- by how you were treated. I cannot imagine your loss, or your children’s. I will follow your story, and share it, in hopes of educating and encouraging an positive future for families of all kinds in our country.

    I wish you and your beautiful children all the best there is in the world.

  3. Erin

    I heard your interview on The Story this evening. I am absolutely stunned at the way that you and your family were treated. My heart is broken for you. Thank you for your courage and bravery. I can only hope that your story is heard by people who have the power to prevent this from happening to another family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

  4. Sundee

    As I was driving home from a meeting, I heard this unimaginable story. Because I was driving, I held back my emotions.

    When I walked in the door to see my beloved husband of 6 years, I burst into tears; the picture in my mind of a little girl holding her mother’s hand and sucking her thumb breaks my heart.

    To go through the extreme pain of losing your partner is one thing. But to have to go through what Janet and her children experienced…I have been sitting here, trying to think of a word for it, and have none.

    I pray this story touches at least one skeptic of gay marriage and makes them think twice about opposing something that is a right for EVERYONE!

  5. Sundee

    I am an idiot and should have proofed my writing!! It’s Janice…

    My eyes are swollen from crying and my brain is foggy with sadness for your family.

    You have my prayers tonight and beyond.

  6. Lucinda Barnett

    A link to this story was posted today on the forum of sisterfriends-together.org, a website of encouragement for gay Christian women. We just listened to the podcast on the American Public Media page. We want to let you now that our hearts and prayers go out to you and to your family. We intend to write letters to the administrators of the hospital and to the Miami paper. Since this is currently in litigation, we don’t expect a response. However, we want our voices to be heard. This should never have happened and should never be allowed to happen again.

  7. Dina

    My brother made me listen to the story via The Story’s website… while it made me cry like a baby, I’m glad I did. As a gal who grew up in Olympia, has parents who met at UPS and is with the love of her life (who just happens to be another woman), this hit very close to home. Best of luck with your lawsuit – I hope you get their pants.

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