our oliver

coyotes were very close behind our fence early last night.. howling so loud

daisy dog was mad and alerted everyone in the house that she was not pleased with the coyotes being so close

scrambling to get the cats inside.. but couldn’t find our big boy Oliver – our orange maine coon

the kids were frantic calling for him or listening for the bell on his collar to give away his location

then we took a walk behind our fence in the greenbelt and there in a patch of moss – was most of oliver’s coat all over

and just 2 paws – oh my poor danielle – this was her big boy, he was getting up their in wt and only let Danielle carry him like a baby

craddled in her arms.  Katie, my sensitive one can’t stop crying

just another loss and pain I can’t take away or shoulder for them

I feel so horrible think of all the cats he would be “fine” and know to stay away from the coyotes but I underestimated the wild animals

I only hope he didn’t suffer as he met his fate in the dark surrounded by 3 predators.

peace oliver

we will miss our big baby boy orange coon

One thought on “our oliver

  1. tj nichols

    I am so sorry your family has experienced yet another loss. I wanted to say that your two kids, who I identified from this site, and were on the Alaska cruise, are amazing. They were well behaved and respectful and humorous to watch. You must be very proud. best wishes, tj

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