almost 2.5yrs

two and half years is fast approaching –

you would think I would stop counting the anniversaries but can’t

took david school shopping – he is mostly done, he is the easy one

danielle is sort of easy – just picky and katie is the terror

she wants to wear the clothes her petite sister of only 5 feet can wear

hard for her to know she’s taller, bigger etc and doesn’t like my input

we have left several stores when she’s slammed a dressing room door.

we will get through it

still feeling horrible for danielle and her oliver boy – our neighbor buried the 2 paws and fur that was left, I wish I hadn’t gone to verify

more images to invade my nightmares

think it’s time to take a break from speaking – i didn’t meet my own expectation last night – though the crowd was silent and many were moved

maybe it’s because I had friends from oly there? not really sure – just don’t feel like I told the crowd how wonderful lisa was and what a loss

to humanity it has been and how cruelty kept her and I apart – sigh

my sister and her wife celebrate their anniversary this past week – amazing, hard to know I will never celebrate another anniversary with my love

on we go 3 schools, 5 sports and 1 mom – someone said I should get that made into a bumper sticker

maybe I should – but then again not – it’s not me and i’m not good at this

will be posting more pics from Alaska from Carlos soon – he took pics from the kids rafting trip I couldn’t go on b/c of my MS and other pics

from the boat while I spent much of my time in the stateroom this year, just too hard on so many fronts

kids are all at friends’ houses – most parents would be rejoicing.. i think i’ll just go back to bed


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