fourteen years

August 12, 1995

our little man was born – not to us but to a mom that has AIDS, was addicted to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol

he was born slightly early

she gave birth and when informed that the little guy had cocaine and alcohol in his system

and CPS would be called – she pulled out her IV’s and left the hospital – never seeing him

you would think the deck was stacked against him

he went into 2 different foster homes, one wanted to adopted him but their marriage failed so he moved

the next one kept him in a highchair most of the day saying he was hard to manage at 14 months and “sick too much”

I still remember the day I met him, picked up his pudgy toddler body burning from a fever of 105 because of two ear infections

drove him to the AIDS clinic in seattle for a check up – they said it was the first time they had seen him “bonded” and sit with an adult

and yet I had known him all of an hour

called lisa on the way home – said get a room ready, I want to keep him.

he was to have a 3 week transition and as soon as the current home found out we wanted him, packed his clothes – all too small for him, some toys

and said “here you go”

we were elated – we brought home our little 17 month old boy – named him David – he didn’t even have a baby blanket or stuffed animal

let him go through the pile of blankets friends had given us and he picked out a teal green one (even though his favorite color was/is orange)

he only had one word then “gee” for the candy the other home would give him in the highchair to keep him quiet

david is a true momma’s boy – and for him – life couldn’t be better because he had 2

he may have delays but no one doubts the caring and true soul of david – he is so amazingly caring for others

it will get him a long way

so to you our baby boy – happy birthday – happy 14 – you are 5 inches bigger than me now – knew it would happen eventually

may all your wishes and dreams come true


your moms

David - age 2


One thought on “fourteen years

  1. Samantha

    David looks like a man in this picture. Boys change a lot, but I think he may look like this in 10 or 15 years, unless he grows a beard.

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