3 kids – 3 schools – 4 sports – 1 mom

I have been told to get a bumper sticker – and that is what we do outside of the home – then there is homework, pets, sleep (sometimes) and on and on

no different than any other family

David had a great opening game against the Oly team – beat them 25 to 0.. ah but our quarterback broke his arm – out for the season – dang

Katie traveled to Marysville for her first soccer league game and then lost 4 to 2

Danielle is away today up in bonney lake for her soccer game

Katie started Komachin MS volleyball – said nearly 90 girls were there – so tu/th are a bit crazy for her

Katie is LOVING her performing arts school

David Loves being in the oldest class at Waldorf

Danielle has one more drive and she gets her driving certificate – oh boy

Myanna our family friend had her little boy – Lucas – welcome to the world – even if we couldn’t share a september bday

so there it is one week into school – that makes for 173 days left in the school year


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