Autumn has arrived

Autumn almost every year arrives on my birthday – as it did yesterday at 2:18pm (Pacific time).  We are enjoying a beautiful Indian summer (hope that is still a politically correct term).  Will reach 82 degrees today – perfect for soccer and football practices and games.  Danielle is out of braces and beyond excited and she is looking as beautiful as ever.  Katie made the JV/Varsity Volleyball team – the sport she has put the least amount of overall effort and time into – but is a natural and her height sure helps.  David is a natural as a lineman in football – pretty hard to bring him down – and the opponents prefer not to be lined up against him because of his size and he doesn’t think twice about squashing them like a bug.

We are gearing up for Grandma and Grandpa to visit in Mid October.  I am speaking at Seattle U School of Law (Bob’s alma mater) October 12th.  As well as videos to be done for the Approve Ref #71 campaign and another for GLAAD – on a national level.  And hopefully a surprise visit by Uncle Kelly October 8th – which is so exciting – we haven’t seen him in a few years.

I still struggle with my hearing loss – finally getting fitted for a hearing aid monday – so no more talking under they breath for the kids :).  Danielle will get her driver’s ed certificate tomorrow – and then it’s just a wait and practice game until December 1 – until she can drive.  Thankfully our state has a limited initial license – so no one in the car but siblings for the first 6 months.  And I am sure she will sign a driving contract just like Lisa and I did with our first daughter Rose – before it was the “in thing”.  My job is to keep her alive while driving in the first 2 yrs – and I take it seriously.

Katie is loving her performing arts school – her teachers all report she is engaging making friends – actually she never forgot many of them from kindergarten – and even her first boy crush from 1st grade attends her new middle school – so cute – plus kids from her first communion class that lisa taught.

So another autumn has started – I am now 41 – but still the “baby” of my family – that will never change.  And with the advent of FB – received more bday wishes from High School friends than I think I did when I attended – at is was so appreciated.  Had a great and wonderful lunch with Chris – who I count as my close friend – and our family’s ally (along with her husband and boys).

So the leaves will begin to change, I have always liked Autumn – and the beginning of the school year – to me that is the time to start “new year” resolutions not January.  And I set some goals – sleeping is on the top of the list as well as some others.  We go forward hoping for my health to stay stable, the kids to thrive and remain emotinally and physically healthy and happy and wait for the leaves to fall to the ground and the rains to come – on we go


One thought on “Autumn has arrived

  1. Samantha

    My birthday is also in September, and often falls the week of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. Between it being my birthday, Rosh Hashanah, and the start of school (I was on some kind of academic calendar for 28 years of my life), September has always been the start of the year for me, too.

    Happy birthday, Janice! It occurs to me that you must have attended at least one September Birthdays Party at 1123, yes?

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