Hope Chest Treasures

Today – finally it was time to fit things that have been piling on top of our – really Lisa’s  – Hope chest of kids’ memories.

Opened it up and something catches my eye – Lisa’s old wallet from 1988 – why is it in there? – I pack the things away but I am drawn to her wallet and decided to look – and this is what I found:

The Tacoma Public Library Card

The Hug Card – you put your thumb on it and it changes color with your body heat

Her Puget Sound National Bank ID Card (her first Checking account when she came to WA state)

Class of 1985 Enfield High School Class Banquet Night

The American Red Cross – Basic Canoeing Instructors Course – from 8/7/1981

A ticket stub from our first concert – Billy Joel at the Tacoma Dome 4/15/1990

One of our first real dates – “A spring weekend Cruise” Dinner around Puget sound  April 29, 1990

Our first movie together and when I knew I was in love with her – Beaches stub for 3/31/1989 – cost $3.00

The pictures she carried: Her brother Michael’s graduation picture, her sister Sue’s Air Force Picture, Lisa’s senior prom picture (hidden between two other pics), her HS best friend Liza who dumped her as a friend when Lisa came out to her – she never heard from her again, Louise – her next door neighbor, Justine and Alex (my niece and Nephew) baby pictures – they were her niece and nephew just as much, Cyndi Heap Sams from UPS (she was Cyndi’s maid of honor and Cyndi was Lisa’s witness at our holy union), her good friend Holly from GS camp, Grandma and Grandpa Temby (my paternal G’parents) who treated Lisa as their own, and Liz (I’m thinking Rohr (sp?).

It is so telling when you find something like this tucked away at the bottom of a hope chest – Lisa’s past and what was her present and what was important to her.

Of all the things that caught me – was the “Beaches” stub – amazing – that movie meant so much to both of us.  We fell in love with each other at that time, it took us another few months to know it wasn’t a “crush” or phase.

All I can say is thank you my love for leaving this for me to find.  You brought a smile to my face today.  I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you for eternity

And Now I will tuck it back into your hope chest and leave it for our children to have one day – when they are ready.


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