how to channel anger

I have received email after email overnight from people I don’t even know wanting to know what they could do.

First – I still am awaiting an apology from Garnett Frederick the phD social worker who to said to me “anti-gay, city and state” he denies saying it but God, he and I know he said that to me – as well as many, many close friends and families – knows he said it because it was the first words out of my mouth when I reached them by phone.  As far as I know he has never been sanctioned or disciplined for this hateful comments.  He still works as a medical Social Worker at Jackson Memorial Hospital – Ryder Trauma Center:  the information is on their web page :

Patient Relations
If you or a friend/family member are a current or former patient of Jackson Health System and have questions or comments concerning the care received or the overall experience at a Jackson facility, please contact Patient Relations at 305-585-7341. website for  Jackson Memorial is:

Be forwarded that I filed an official complaint on their website about 2.5 weeks after lisa’s death – after her two funerals – and it was lost – finaly found – 4 months later and was NEVER addressed.  So you may need to be persistant.

Then there is the governing body for Social Workers – Nat. Assoc. Social Workers (NASW) – their Ethics and Professional Standards:

And finally the Jt. Commission that accredites Hospitals and like facilities.

And finally – there is the Florida Governor and Legislature – that there are no laws to protect family in their most vulnerable time, is unconscionable.  Here is the site for Govenor Christ’s site:

For me I need to still sit with this setback and help the children understand who continue to ask question and are as shell-shocked as I am.  Thank you all for your support – my only hope continues to be that this doesn’t happen to another family – regardless of how you define yourselves.

3 thoughts on “how to channel anger

  1. Thank you, Janice, for taking the time amidst this nightmare to let others know how we might help you. I trust, given how much you have clearly given your community over the years, that you and the children have a good support network. Surely it’s much needed right now.

  2. Janice and kids,

    I was so sad to hear the ruling today on your case against that vile Hospital in Florida. I have been watching and waiting and was so disturbed by this ruling. Keep on going girl and don’t let this setback stop you.

    People like us will remember this for ages and will look back on it one day no less than Rosa Parks or The Lovngs of Virginia. This is a Civil Rights milestone and should have just been a personal sorrow for a family to grieve.

    I know how hard it is to keep plugging away but you have made a huge difference and some day it will become more clear why you were willing to go through all this.

    My heart breaks for you and the kids. I think of you all often.

  3. Lucinda Hughes (Barnett)

    I am only now learning of this. I am heartbroken for you all. It is simply unbelievable. I want you to know though that this outcome actually makes the case more impactful. More people are talking about it, more people are appalled, more people are committing to taking steps to prevent such a tragedy from reoccurring. What you have done has made a tremendous difference. I thank you and I applaud your courage, your integrity, and your fortitude.

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