Langbehn-Pond kids fund

Many have asked about a legal fund – and of course please join Lambda Legal for all their incredible effort.

Others have inquired about helping out with the kids future.  A friend set up a saving trust right after Lisa died but it was only convienent for those that live near us.  Another reader – said to set up a paypal account so the money then can go into the kids savings.  So I have done just that.  You can, and only if you wish, donate to the kids current and future educational needs.  Through by using the address – while it only lists Danielle’s name – the money would obviously be there for all 3 of them from sports, to musical instruments, to David’s tutoring and the like.  Thank you to the hundreds of people who have shown that there is still hope and goodness out there when we look for it.

peace to all

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