good will abounds

i am humbled, i have not heard one negative word in the past 3 days since the Judge’s decision has been handed down

i have only heard words of encouragement and gratefulness for our family’s willingness to tell such a difficult story

i will do my best to re-group so that what happened to our family does not become a footnote in history that did not bring about change

for now, though, i must think of the kids and my own well being before i can face all of you wonderful supporters without feeling that i

did indeed fail you, me and our community

i am humbled beyond words for all your support – thank you for from the bottom of our hearts


jan, david, danielle, and katie

2 thoughts on “good will abounds

  1. Jan–The legal system may have failed, but you have failed no one. Take good care of your kids and yourself, and we will be ready to pitch in and help you when you re-group. Peace– E

  2. Janice,

    I contacted Jackson Memorial and forwarded to them my complaint case number with the Joint Commission on Health. I also sent everything I could find to US News because Jackson Memorial lists their US News Ranking. I heard back from them and would like to forward to you or Lambda Legal their response letter. E-mail me and I will send this to you. I was very surprised to hear from them. I thought you would like to see the response.

    You don’t have to post this. I just wanted to get in touch to send you my letter from them.

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