today would be her 42nd bday, I would have her cake on order at Wagners.  Instead insomnia has kept sleep from filling my soul.  I receive several emails everyday of people outraged and what they can do to about what happened to us.  Please refer back to my post on 9.30.09 – channeling anger on places to write and seek full equality for all.  That was my birthday wish a few weeks back, it’s my wish on lisa’s day today, and it will be my wish on monday the anniversary of our holy union. 

If any of you who are outraged are FL residents, write to your state reps – the laws need to change to allow a basic HUMAN right of hospital visitation while someone is dying – with their family just outside the door.  No matter how many times the hospital wants to deny that Garnett Frederick said “anti-gay city and state to me”.  He said it.  God, he and I all know he said it to me – it is burned into my brain.  And I NEVER saw him again after he said that to me even though the kids and I were at Ryder for around 8 hours.  No offers of coffee, food, water, a place to cry –  nothing.  That is our reality – let alone Lisa’s reality of dying alone.  I need to stop our I will go on.  So please as more of you hear our story – write to Jackson Memorial Hospital, National Association of Social Workers, the Jt. Commision on Hospital Accreditation.  Jackson Memorial is a branch of the University of Miami a large teaching hospital.  And the more we can raise our voices – the louder we will get – we will not move to the back of the bus any longer – none of us for any reason, enough is enough.  If Lisa can die without the dignity and comfort of her family – it could happen to anyone.  Peace to everyone who holds our family in their thoughts.

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