where is the flashlight?

I reach into the darkness.. feeling around for the familiar round plastic tool that if I

find and move the switch will take away the darkness that is around me.

I feel around then find it, grip the handle and slide the switch – and there is a weak light

flowing in waves from the end – a little yellowed because it hasn’t been used for awhile

the light begins to dim, i smack the end of the flashlight on my palm hoping to jar the batteries

willing them to work better by hitting them together – it works but only for a moment

the yellow light begins to dim again, the circle of light infront of me is getting smaller

i turn the lit end towards me and the darkness falls away from my face but the power is failing

the light begins to flicker, then flicker some more

then a burst from somewhere and the light shines bright in my eyes – owww

then it dims again and no matter how much I smack the end and will the batteries or the bulb

to brighten it won’t, it’s getting dimmer and dimmer

then it is gone, just as quickly as it came when i flicked the switch

that light i so needed is gone

and i am in darkness again with no other tool to shine away the darkness

and i cannot will the light to come back

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