weekend update (no it’s not SNL)

Gma/Papa arrived on Thursday to a full schedule – Katie soccer practice, Danielle Soccer game and David football practice

Friday was a little slower- kids to school – David was off from Waldorf

Had the buckley/martin’s over for dinner – great food, great company on friday night

Saturday – the mad dash to do it all Gma took the girls shopping – David no interest (as usual he is not into shopping – a pair of levis and an orange shirt is good for him)

Then Katie had a soccer game and David had the first round of fball playoffs.

Katie lost 1-0, bummer.  David won in his game 14-6 in a horrible downpour.. I haven’t seen it rain that hard here in a LONG time

Sunday – Danielle went to Mass with Gma/Papa and then down to the farmers market they went with the kids

Michael was suppose to be down for pumpkin patch at 1:30- didn’t arrive till after 3 – shorten our time to about 10 mins with him there – the other kids ran the corn maze while waiting

off to Farrelli’s pizza with the whole family and then Michael and his staff had to get back home

Gma/Papa left just a little after that – they have the first flight out tomorrow back to cold Connecticut

Helped Katie study for her social studies test – differences in Sunni and Shiites and Islam in general.  It’s the only subject she is have a little trouble with.

And we are back at it tomorrow with 3 kids – technically 4 schools (b/c Katie has to play volleyball at our home MS – her performing arts school doesn’t have sports) Danielle soccer,

David film night for football (their center who had broke his wrist on second day of practice) fractured his arm in the game – bad, poor Dylan had 3 breaks in 2 years – and he is a tough kid

So that is the sum total of our weekend.  Good visit with the in-laws – g’ma/gpa.

Looking forward to the podcast on 10/27 – will repost how to log on so you can hear it if you like

Something is up with my back again, hurting like it did pre-surgery – see the doc on Thursday – hopefully it’s just sore muscles

still figuring out how to navigate the new waters between plaintiff to activist.  Fortunately have an wonderful role model in Charlene Strong

and continue to be beyond grateful for Lambda Legal – Beth and Don were the best council I could have hoped for

David looks like he will get to Page for our local Rep (Brendan Williams) during the State  leg session – for his Waldorf 8th grade project – very exciting.

It’s late, kids are all asleep already – the rains have returned and it is getting dark earlier and earlier now.

have a great week all – catch you on fb or here



(left to right – Michael, David, Danielle, Katie)

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