What the “common” citizen can do

I keep getting 10+ emails or blog replies a day of should the “ordinary” person do to change things.

Here are where I would suggest you put your your fingers to work on the keyboard or telephone.

1. the NASW – National Association of Social Workers – they are suppose to oversee the Code of Ethics for all social workers (and I am one) I can think of many tenets mr. Garnett Frederick broke beyond telling me I was in an anti-gay city and state.  our family NEVER saw him after the brief 5 min exchange.  When I ran traumas, I held the family’s hand, I would find them a quiet room, I helped them with the beginning stages of grieving. In other words – you treat them like you would want to be treated in crisis with care, dignity and respect.  The children and I got NONE of that.  So call NASW based in DC and get their ethics committee working on him.  Dr. Frederick has a PhD in SW – so he knows better.  Now the NASW may say there isn’t much they can do if he doesn’t pay dues – well then that needs to change – who is responsible for his behavior and adhering to the code we all pledged to uphold when we became social workers.

2. The Jt. Commission on Hospital Accreditation – They oversee all the item we listed in our lawsuit – that the judge agreed – were violated but they aren’t law – so the hospital needs to be investigated for how they handled our family.

3. The hospital itself – Jackson Memorial Hospital is apart of the University of Miami – large teaching hospital.  I filed an online complaint again Mr. Frederick about 2 weeks after Lisa’s death – and I have so many people who can step forward and confirm he said that to me.. it’s not something I came up with 2 weeks later – I said it within 1 minute  after he said to me to our close family friends when I was crying for them to get the documents faxed to the hospital of.  He continues to deny he said it.  The hospital lost my complaint for 4 months and to this day over 2.5yrs later they NEVER resolved my complaint!  They then never sent me Lisa’s medical records – When I finally did get them months later – they also gave them to her parents – who were not her surrogate and had no right to them (that is not an issue between my in-laws and me) but it’s a matter of courtesy that I couldn’t get her records, still can’t get her death certificate from the state of Florida that lists manner and cause – I have to go through the 1st funeral home where we did her Funeral Mass.  There was a huge breakdown at JMH – I filed the complaint, I told LAORA – (Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency) about what Mr Frederick said to me – I told it to the nurse that took over the procument of Lisa’s organs – Maggie – LAORA was the ONLY agency that allowed me to sign one piece of paper allowing which organs Lisa would donate to save lives… the rest of lisa’s file is stamped – “unable to complete” – yet I was there at the exact same time as her ambulance – asking to fill out admission forms.

4. Contact the GLMA – Gay/Lesbian Medical Association – they have made our situation a priority and even started the facebook group “Committee for Fair Visitation at JMH”.

While my federal case has halted, I know I had the best legal minds on our side – Beth Littrell – from the amazing people of Lambda Legal and Don Hayden from Baker/McKenzie (he is based in Miami).  Please send them thank yous for their wisdom in taking our case.

Finally – I am trying to figure out how I go from plaintiff to activist… and if the laws in Florida don’t support me holding Lisa’s hand – except during the Last Rites which I asked for them to find me a priest – then something has to change.  The Laws must change – so I have my map up here at home of Florida State, and all their local reps/senators are listed.  And I will be writing to them on Feb 19th (lisa’s death date) and 10/08 (her birth date) every year – to remind them how inhumanly we were treated… the judge agreed – and I still have never received an apology.

Ok so you caught me in a fired up mood – I was just dubbing Lisa and my Holy union from 1991 from VHS to DVD so it’s not lost forever.  I will try to find the links for all the agencies and put a new header to the Left for “what you can do”.

Thank you all beyond words for your continued support.  I any of you have contacts in mainstream media outlets – send them my story – I believed if more people knew that Lisa was allowed to die allow – then I would hope this could never happen again.

peace always

look for the new links tomorrow – or google them now.  Thanks you all for your continuing support

4 thoughts on “What the “common” citizen can do

  1. Samantha

    What about the alumni mag at our college? After all, if I didn’t read Arches I probably wouldn’t have known about what happened to your family in Florida because I wouldn’t have known about Lisa’s passing.

    I will help… I don’t know anyone there but I will sit next to you during the interview or whatever if you want.


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  3. Dr. Dredd

    Hospitals that receive Medicare funding (pretty much all of them!) are required to respect patients’ rights to advanced directives. In addition to complaining to JCAHO, you might be able to complain to Medicare, or even to the federal Office of Civil Rights.

    Good luck. I was absolutely horrified when I read about this case.

  4. Dr. Dredd

    I should add that, by ignoring your legally executed advanced directive, the hospital was providing care without informed consent. That is definitely a federal civil rights issue; we were told this over and over in a class I took on research ethics.

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