Weekend in Review

nothing seems to go slowly or sometimes too slowly

nonetheless – the weekend is over

Katie had a soccer game on Saturday against a great team that beat them 5-2, the first time, they tied 2-2 the second and this time K’s team pulled out the victory 1-0

David was in the semi finals – he played hard, got some great tackles but they ended up losing 18-8.  He will go on to play for 3 or 4th in their age division next week.

Katie has her first orchestra concert monday – so today was spent trying to find her outfit – that was accomplished and then

we did power grocery shopping – or better called – mom can’t stand more than 30 minutes so lets do this – We play it like this – we get the list done before getting there, then we divide it in 4 parts.  everyone gets a cart and off we go.. then we all meet at the center of the store – make sure we have it all and head for checkout – anyone with more than 1 in a family is welcome to play – I suggest minimum age is 10 – and able to read or recognize brands is helpful

David and I treated ourselves to manilla clams tonight- yum.

now we head into the last week of football, last week of volleyball, last week of Danielle’s soccer – oh boy

Then we wake for the next wave to hit of David in Bball, Katie Bball and still select soccer, and D trying out for bball

this week is school conferences .. so will do that at the end of the week.

Tues, I am scheduled to do an hour long podcast and maybe some news on some activities I’ll be doing to continue in the fight for how we were treated at JMH

on we go



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