lost but found ~holy union video

I was asked by David’s fball coach to transfer some VHS stuff to DVD.. well my old dual deck wasn’t working so trying to figure this problem out – without buying any equip, I realized if I played the tapes on our flat screen and re-recorded it on my HDD camcorder- it worked.

then it got me to thinking- recently I had found the VCR tape our our Holy Union from 10/12/91 knowing the tape will degrade soon – I needed to do the same.  So I have and having to sit through a couple of taping sessions.. I dug out what I thought was the lost text of our holy union – but alas I found it.

Some of it stuck out – that it was then that Pastor Magill of Tacoma MCC – set the path for us both to be activist – in his remarks:

“I believe that others will look to both of you as role models.  They will learn, by watching you, how two women live together, love together, and worship God together.  Your life will be a witness of God’s unconditional love.  Let not the church, society, or an individual come between your love.  I urge you both NOT to pattern your lives after what others might expect, but after what you expect from one another.”

He went on two describe us from the prior 5 months of couples counseling:

“Lisa and Jan, you have described yourself in some ways as opposites.  Lisa as pastel – quiet and soft, flowers and teddy bears.  Jan as bold, plaid, flannel.  I remind you both that love is patient and kind.  Allow each other to express their individuality – to bring something new and unique into the relationship.  Be patient and king when you don’t always see eye to eye… In other ways you two are very similar – some goals and dreams, spiritual begins with a love for God and the church.  Remember that love never fails; it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.  With this love, I trust that your relationship will never fail.  But now abide faith, hope, love these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

His words are so prophetic at this point in my life.  I hope to figure out how to post our Holy Union video.. so check back on this post. You will see my brother Gary with more hair than he has now, my oldest sister Marilyn who was sang “If” – personalized for us.  We pulled off this ceremony after I had only been working for the State for 3 weeks – had to take Leave w/out pay because I had worked long enough to take time off – and we had it planned for 5 months.  You will also see me in a skirt – one of the last occurrences – what I wouldn’t do for Lisa.  All on only $300 – most going to the rental of the Pt. Defiance Lodge in Tacoma.

Kelly Ziegler is my “best” man and Cyndi (Heap) Sams was Lisa’s.  Our favorite UPS professor Cathy Hale was there along with our good friends Sarah Kobernusz and Monte Gibbs.  Cyndi’s husband Eric Sams.  Our good friend Tracy Weeks who video recorded and took pictures.

And finally as I work to hopefully get the video up, we chose rings to wear.  Lisa’s – I designed myself going to a jeweler Larkin’s in Tacoma, behind her back and had it made with her favorite stone – amethest and 2 diamonds.  Lisa never took her ring off – it was taken off her paralyzed hand on the ship on that fateful day and I slipped it onto my right hand were it stays to this day.

We pledge:

I Janice Kay Langbehn, take you Lisa Marie Pond

to be my spouse,

And I promise

that in joy and sorrow

good times and bad

I will love and cherish you

throughout all the changes in our lives.

I place this ring on your finger as a sign of my everlasting love and commitment to you.

what an amazing Saturday that was and remains in my memory as one of the happiest days of my life.  It all came full circle as I had 1 Corinthians 13 read at Lisa Funeral and Memorial.  As well as “If” played during the video tributes.  After all the years, I look back on our $300 ceremony and likely there is not a thing we would have changed from the guests, to our best “persons”, to the songs (and of course the beautiful voice of my sister).  I hope you enjoy it..know that the noise and kids yelling in the background is from the ceremony being held at the Tacoma Park/Zoo.


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