Rosie Radio

Her Sirius show starts on Monday Nov 2

today on Howard Stern, she says she and Kel have split – they will remain a family, parenting the kids

but joked w/ howard about dating in maybe 6 months and her criteria for the new person

you read her blog and people say she is the pillar of “gay” marriage

truthfully no one is – any partnership gay or straight – it takes work

I don’t think they were any different.  I am sure Brad/Angelina or Ellen/ Portia – all work at their commitment

as did Lisa and I in ours – marriage – committed relationships are hard work – anyone who tells you otherwise is lying

As for Rosie/Kelli – I called it back in May that something was a miss – no Rosie on the July Cruise, the formation of Kelli and Gregg or Gregg and Kelli Company

But for me it’s none of my business – for the sake of them and their children – I hope they come out on the other end better than when they entered

I wrote a paper as a freshman in UPS so fall 86 – and remember commenting on what a voyeristic society I think we were becoming – well before the Paparazzi was sung about by Lady Gaga or that they were likely responsible for the death of Princess Diana – or that we want to know everything about Jon and Kate or Octomom or whether Oprah is gay.   I summized back in 86, that if we can stare and compare ourselves to others we can rationalize our place in society – that well we are doing better than so and so.  Or course you are – Life is a bell curve – we all move up and down each day.

I think if we, myself included, had to step back and look at ourselves- every moment of every day, our own behavior and answer to it all – what a daunting task for anyone no matter your status in life.


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