nothing is by accident

uneventful flights from 44 and rain to sunshine and 84

from dallas to miami sat with a latino women and her son chris – beautiful people

she has worked for the discovery channel for years working on programming and

how the root of our problems as a society and the way to correct is through educating the young

to be open minded, compassionate to start by loving the earth and build from there to loving ourselves

then loving each other

how right she is – conversation turned to me and why I was heading to miami

apparently I don’t look like a local with my turtleneck heading to 84 degree weather

told her briefly our family story – so sympathetic, couldn’t believe that happened in her community

it did almost 3 yrs ago now, as I fly back down to face the demons

inside and outside, i am almost ready to walk back in Ryder Trauma to see if my memory is as concrete as that night

maybe this time, nothing is by accident


just like what I told Katie when she came home from bball tryouts and she said she wasn’t going to stay on the team if she “only” made C team

Danielle’s head whipped around – what is wrong w/ C team – coming from the kid who is greatful for all her accomphlishments

to the one that has never had to work very hard for hers

Katie texted me as I landed – “mom I made the JV team”

See I said – you just needed to show you wanted it

she is now satisfied – even with me 3000 miles away

hopefully she will learn whether she made the C team or Jv

nothing happens by accident.

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