almost sweet 16!

our little girl is almost 16 – unbelievable – she was so little when she came to live with us.

she is ready for her drive test – this past weekend I let her drive us all from everett to olympia – yes

through downtown seattle, at night – either I’m nuts or .. well i’m nuts

she did great.

so she’ll have a party in 2 weeks – basketball is in full swing now

and for her birthday she wanted her room painted – it was till the 1/2 pink/purple from when she and katie shared the room

so below is what she wanted – a nice calm green with a darker green sponged on top


One thought on “almost sweet 16!

  1. plk

    I’m so sorry to here about the hospital’s blatant ignorance. They spun the hell out of it. A background check needs to be done on the nurses involved. They have their own indescrections to hide therefore they are little puppets. You put the two nurses together and that is a problem. I would assuet they cover for each other and do inappropriate things while working and twist the truth for each other. Do your research! FACADE!!

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