Lambda Legal’s Naughty and Nice List 09

Well I am happy to report I (or rather our family) made the “nice” list with Lambda Legal.  Thank Goodness.

A recent article out of Tampa is still saying that I was “irate” – which I can tell you if I was irate I would have seen Lisa more than for 5 mins or escorted off campus.  The article in Tampa also is able to say the priest came at 6:50pm which is about my recollection but wondering how the nurses know that because it’s not in Lisa’s record I received.  Just interesting – and of course the token gay nurse who is speaking out says Garnett would not have discriminated against us.  Saying that the hospital didn’t recognize Gay Marriage – well he didn’t say that -and in Feb 2007 Washington State didn’t have Domestic Partnership so he is doing revision history.  Also all the counseling he supposedly done.  I have maintained that his SW note is pure fiction and there are things in it that there is NO WAY he could have known until AFTER I filled out the organ donation form as well as the vital stats info for her Death Certificate so he delayed writing his note for at least 20 hours.  So his SW note is a LIE about what he supposedly provided to our family.  Otherwise, as a SW myself, he is damn effecient in just 5 mins he told me she was dying just minutes after her CT SCAN, counseled me on the dying process, where I could find services and on and on.  I mean the didn’t even provide me with local funeral homes.. I called my brother in DC who called my father’s Funeral home in Spokane who told us who to call in FL.  Yeah right Garnett you did a wonderful job (not).  The papers also report Lisa was gone from the trauma area for some amount of time- yes that is accurate but that was BEFORE GARNETT spoke with me – the CT scan was at 4pm (she arrived at 3:33pm, the Power of Attorney arrived at 4:17pm) so well before life saving measures ceased… Again JMH’s attempt to revise history and give a reason why I maybe didn’t get back. But really they have no good reason after 6:30pm until 11:30 why the kids and I couldn’t be with her for even 10mins every hour – as she lay dying.

Sadly he (Garnett Frederick) is not licensed in FL nor is he a dues paying member so the National Association of SW – so he only is responsible to JMH.  But I continue on with the FL legislature and the Committee for Fair Visitation at JMH.  I have been told the public trust that funds the hospital is in horrible debt and every time I speak out – the Hospital worries about the negative publicity.  And well they should. They need to “man” up and apologize to the kids and I, take steps to make sure this never happens again – so far neither have happened.  So I will continue on.

So for me, the charge nurse who is a lesbian who has been allowed to review Lisa’s record without my permission all this time later (and only b/c I dropped an appeal – is allowed to speak out), Garnett Frederick and JMH is on my naughty list again this year.


5 thoughts on “Lambda Legal’s Naughty and Nice List 09

  1. plk

    Do more background on the nurses. You know there’s dirt to uncover. Stand strong. Keep digging. Things aren’t always what they seem. They are probably good nurses who have alot to hide. They have to cover-up. Don’t let the “good nurse” bullshit fool you.

  2. bft77

    Please note that it is too easy for nurses to “fudge” time factors in a trauma situation. It’s also hard to prove since they document which most of the time are altered or false. More than half of the nurses at trauma fall asleep, leave the area for personal reasons or go have a good stiff drink and the other nurses do the charting and cover up. Dead is Dead to them. Where is the accountability?

    1. yes I am realizing that but am amazed when I was trained as an ER and Trauma social worker – fudging any notes was cause for dismissal so I took it seriously.. I thought everyone else did too.. I am finding out that is not so.

      1. jutr

        Dismissal!!! OMG What a joke. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Working the late shifts offers too much opportunity to do unethical things. 90% of the adminstrators are gone and if there are disciplinary actions, they have to much time to coordinate their stories. That’s what happend here. These two nurses need to be held accountable. Somebody open their eyes. As long as the nurses get their differential pay, get to leave the area and do inappropriate things they don’t care who gets hurt.

  3. plk

    I bet the charge nurse, Natalee Wrisk had a nice christmas and new year with her friend or whatever you would call her. I would assume if she ever experienced what you went through it would be a different set of circumstances. She is still working trauma making bad decisions. What a liability.

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