too busy to stop

Danielle had her first game last night. they lost kinda of bad so I won’t say the score.

Katie had soccer in 28 degree weather today – that should be a crime – only good thing is it wasn’t raining/snowing.  If they had beat this team they would have clinched their division.  Several calls didn’t go their way – 2 goals called back for offsides.. so they lost – now they will battle out for 2, 3 or 4 th. the division is that close.  Katie is on the JV/V Bball team for Komachin – they have only had a jamboree – games start this week.

David started Lacey Youth Bball – b/c Komachin ball for boys doesn’t start till January.  His Jamboree is the 12th.

Waldorf had their annual Winter Faire.  David went early to set up and didn’t come home till nearly 5pm after cleaning up.  It’s another way his class is earning their money for their 8th grade trip.

So Danielle has been driving since Tuesday – she got her license first time out – passed her written, was a little nervous for the driving (the DMV person was Katie’s fball coach last year so knows our family) that was a little nerve wracking.  I am beyond proud of her.  So we settle into a season of indoor sports after Katie’s last soccer game tomorrow – thank goodness- this mom freezes too easy.


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