all she is to me

She has been there since day one, literally.

I have learned and continue to learn all the most important lessons in life from this woman and I am beyond blessed to have her in my life.

She has helped me when I have strayed and picked me up when I didn’t think I could get up one more time

She has brought me hours and hours of joy just watching her talent.  The best memories as a child surround her, playing pool at her college

waking her up at 6am on Christmas morning – “are you on your way yet”.  Of course not – what 20 yr old is going to get out of bed on a day off

This woman has supported me in everything in my life from making Lisa my partner to adopting and foster countless children

She has held my hand as I screamed after major back surgery the first time I had to move

I cannot think of any fault this woman – my oldest sister – Marilyn has – not one.

She is witty, intelligent, sensitive, caring, compassionate and has been my surrogate mother for as long as I can remember.

I wonder where I would have landed in life without her guidance – I fear not nearly as good as I have.

I love my sister Marilyn beyond words, she turns 53 tomorrow (12/16)- I always remind her that we are never in the same decade because she is 12 years old than me – she hates that but that’s all I can come up with – she is one amazing woman.

But I think it was meant to be, she took me to high school with her, when our mom couldn’t afford a babysitter and before I could attend preschool – I would sit in the back of class and color pictures for her teachers.

I sat through so many theatre rehearsals I couldn’t even begin to count and I loved every minute of my sister on the stage.  I love that she sang “If” at Lisa and my Holy Union.

So to you my big sis, my inspiration – Happy Birthday – and I am beyond blessed to call you my sister.

love and peace

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