day 3 into the new year

and the blog was staring at me – update me – you aren’t writing

it was a hard holiday season for many reason – none to be aired here – those close to me know what is up

so a knock on the door this afternoon – and Mr. Lauren our neighbor said “so do you want me to dig the hole for the new basketball hoop”

I had said in passing – if he could help did a 2 ft x 2ft hole then maybe I could find someone else to put the pole and rebar in

not mr. Lauren he did it all for us.  David helping – the weather had dried just enough – and he dug the hole, cleared it out go the pole in

perfectly level, taught david the finer things of pouring concrete and within 2 hours, Mr. Lauren was done.

It is people like Lauren is what make lisa choose this street to settle on – thank god I listened to her – she knew what a “neighborhood” looked like.

So day three goes to mr. Lauren – yah to him, as in 3 days we will get up our new shatterproof bball hoop – which all 3 are drooling to try out.

I’m blessed


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