Open Arms Campaign

As I begin my CASA training in March, I think that the next important step would do what this woman in Texas has done by recruiting LGBT families for Washington Foster kids – especially since gay foster parenting and gay adoptions are not prohibited in our state – Lisa and I are proof of that.  I would love to figure out how to assist gay parents – navigate DSHS to become licensed either through the state or through some private agencies (obviously not CCS).  There is a need both for kids gay or straight needing homes about 18K kids at any one time – and Gay parents who want children.  As well as LGBTQ youth needing open minded homes.  In all the years we foster parented we only had 1 teen that was openly gay.

I have reached out to Tracy the executive director of this agency to see how I can put my time and talent to use here in WA.  If I can’t return to work on a paid basis, I can’t let my education and experiences go to waste when there is such a need.  Just one more thing that I hope the foundation I am working to start will focus on – not only inclusive hospital visitation but meeting the needs of our local LGBTQ youth.


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