Death without Dignity

On a day when our family celebrated Bob’s marriage to Jen

and couples were called to dance – it slammed me in the chest – I had no partner to dance with

and that brings me full circle and trying to understand and be at peace with Lisa’s Death without Dignity

Lisa – was restrained, unable to speak for herself while the kids and I waited behind a locked door for 8 hours to be with her

only to gain access when her Sister arrived.  All because of What?  Mr. Frederick’s statement I was in an “anti-gay city and state”.

My complaint to the commission that oversees hospital is concluded without even calling me – all just from a 2 paragraph email

Is that justice – How do I know that they knew the full story?  And the investigation is sealed – So staff at JMH continue to practice

without so much as a reprimand.  Some are allowed to read her chart nearly 3 years after the fact to rationalize and justify their action

have come out saying I was “irate” in the waiting room – curious since I never met this nurse and Mr. Frederick only saw me for 5 minutes right

after Lisa’s admission.

It’s all unspeakable and horrible for what happened to our family – allowing Lisa’s to die alone

So as the three year anniversary approaches – all I can ask is that you don’t forget her

that you make your voices heard so ALL families matter.

Take a Moment and write an email or call Jackson Memorial and tell them you are outraged, that our family deserves and apology

Write to the Public Trust of Miami-Dade that oversees the hospital – they have been conspicously silent during this tragedy

It’s time for them to answer to how we were treated – from the time Lisa was admitted to the time she was laid to rest.

I still can’t get her death certificate, she was listed as “single” so one stroke of a pen erased 18 years of committment we had

We can make a difference,

Will you help me?


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