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Look, if you are — regardless of your personal opinions, the notion that somebody who’s working really hard for 30 years can’t take their death benefits and transfer them to the person that they love the most in the world and who has supported them all their lives, that just doesn’t seem fair. It doesn’t seem right. (Applause.) And I think it’s the right thing to do.” – President Obama

You got that right, SIR, but why dance around the suffering, Mr. President?


Why not say,


“It is CRUEL.


It is INHUMAN to inflict this on



Because even if the LGBTQ community COULD do these things to heterosexuals in “civil” law (irony), I doubt we would be so hateful towards other tax-paying American individuals and families.

“Look, as I said last night, my belief is, is that a basic principle in our Constitution is that if you’re obeying the law, if you’re following the rules, that you should be treated the same, regardless of who you are.” – President Obama

But Mr. President –

Convicted felons have the right to



Why can’t Bob and I?

And which laws should I obey when the law excludes MY FAMILY?


Or to make it more “real” for you:


Michelle Obama is lying in a hospital bed, dying from an unexpected illness. She has less than 24 hours to live. Hospital workers say to you “sorry, you’re in an anti-black city and state“ (like Janice Langbehn experienced in Florida). Michelle dies ALONE, as you, Sasha, and Malia are prevented from having any contact with her. Your children are traumatized for life because they were told they were not in a “real family”. You never got to hold Michelle and tell her that you loved her one last time; there is a law preventing you from doing that.


Is that JUST “unjust and unfair”?


Or something much more


hateful and evil?


And if Michelle Obama ever reads this:


Michelle, please imagine how Malia and Sasha would feel if they experienced what Danielle, David, and Katie experienced. Horrific.


My God, as the nation tries to decide whether or not gays are “worthy enough”, we need to remember that are talking about MUCH MORE than a vote on a bridge tax or school levy.


Is there anything more important than family?






Please pray for our freedom from this ballot-box terrorism against OUR FAMILY.

2 thoughts on “Ran across this interesting article

  1. Thank you for your note at my WORDPRESS blog. As a child and family advocate, as a victim-of-legal-hate-who-is-told-he’s- a-”gay activist”, and as human being, I have [HAVE] to share your story and the many just like it.

    The equality movement needs to help America imagine the shoe being on the other foot. Words like “civil rights” and “federal equality” do not tell of the horror experienced when rights are denied to families and children.

    I felt uneasy inside writing this post about Michelle Obama, since I had to imagine something quite horrible, de-humanizing, and cruel happening to her innocent children and to her beloved spouse.

    But then I realized that’s the point.

    It IS horrible, de-humanizing, and cruel. So the LGBTQ community has every right to stop “asking” politely and start demanding the same protections and STOP this family segregation in civil law.

    Your note meant the world to me – THANK YOU!

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