another weekend gone

Well another busy week – I guess when isn’t it?  I have been enjoying the writing class at UPS – it goes until beginning of May.  I had my formal hearing on my back injury and the judge sided with me and said it did occur on work time.  What a relief but the State filed an appeal right away.  So the full board of 3 judges has an unlimited time to review the record (no new testimony) to either agree with the original decision or send it back for a re-trail.  Almost 3 years later and I’m still waiting and in the mean time .

Speaking of kids in care, the best thing in the prior 2 weeks is that Rose (our first daughter) and I have reconnected = thanks to facebook.  It’s amazing.  She is doing very well in early education and child care.  Her son Xavier, both seems to be doing well.  It wonderful – and strange that she is only exactly 10yrs younger than i.

Danielle is doing amazingly well – can I knock on wood and say what an amazing, helpful, compassionate, wonderful teenager she is.  She follows her Driving Contract to the T.  She never gives me reason to doubt my trust in her.  Her grades are wonderful.  She got at 3.6 on her first semester GPA.  Who would have thought?  She now regularly babysits for a Waldorf family with a 4 and 6 yr old girls every other Thursday night.  Parents love it b/c she can drive herself to and from the house.  So with her first “paycheck” I took her to the bank and opened a saving account with her first cash ATM only card.  I don’t want to give her the responsibility of her first checking – that can wait till she is older.  She was so excited that her second check on thursday she was so excited she went to the bank the following day to deposit her check.  She had a last bball function last week when she was to start police explorers so the next meeting is monday the 8th – so I’ll go with her to the first one until she is comfortable so I can find out all the nuts and bolts about her uniform, the summer academy training etc.  She is not doing a spring sport.  But is busy with explorers and babysitting.

David finished his 8th grade research paper on how a “Bill becomes a Law” now we have to work on his visual presentation and then about a week before graduation he does a 15 min presentation bringing it all together as his final Waldorf program.  He will be leaving on his 8th grade trip on May 2nd (same time G’ma and Gpa are visiting). David’s class is taking the train down to the bay area and taking vans to the colorado river where they will raft and camp for 4 days learning about vegetation, the river etc etc.  They will be gone 12 days on their trip.  David is playing for the MS bball team again – Komachin – he was cleared from his wrist injury the day the season started.. and he did amazing on thursday – with several shots on baskets, several points and leading the other kids on the floor in defense plays.  He has come a long way.

Katie is back on the soccer field (her Select team) and her team had many returning players.  They started the season with 2 wins so are leading their division already.  Her grades at school are great except one subject so she has lost some privileges and Katie hearing the word “no” is never easy she throws temper tantrums etc -but the grounding continues.

As for Michael, I am still trying to get him moved to Tacoma where there are more special olympic programs and I know the programs available.  Everything is the status quo there – I asked for some things to get done last July – that still haven’t been done such as a library card, an email account so we can send him things etc – oh well.  he will be 20 here in not too long.  Hard to believe and also hard to connect since his severe attachment disorder gets in the way and it’s hard for him to express he feeling for his sibs or myself

So things are as smooth as they can be here that LP family.  We look forward to G’ma and G’pa coming to visit in early May.  And then deciding if Cape Cod is in the picture for some time this summer.  David and Katie will both have week long overnight camps – David in Football at UPS no less and Katie in soccer up in Shelton.  Danielle will register her for Evergreen College’s summer soccer again.


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