what was lost, has been found

It’s like looking for Lisa jewelry I have given her over the years, her favorite being her string of pearls.  Took forever to find them but when I did what a relief.  There they were, in their velvet case, still shinny and white and beautiful and full of wonderful memories.

that is how i felt today sitting at starbucks – fb reconnected lisa and I very close friend Sarah when we were both young couples with young kids – etc.  We were at each other commitment ceremony.  we did everything w/ sarah and monte up until we moved to olympia and our family grew to 4 as did theirs and then the kids took over.

but i was blessed today, i have found sarah again – I thought she was lost forever.  i hugged her and it was like no time had passed since we had seen each other – tear of joy today – thank you sarah I am blessed.  I am so glad we have found each other.


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