Happy Birthday little man – Michael is 20!

Today Michael, our first, is now 20 today.  Amazing.  The real story – Lisa and I were ready to adopt in 1996, so where are two lesbians to go – well my state agency in a book of “borderline adoptable” children called the WARE book – and we went through them and flipped through the pages and pages of kids ready to be adopted – and then her was a tiny, failure to thrive 5 year old – Michael.  Beautiful, long eye lashes, adorable – but we were warned he had failed placements because of placements.  We (lisa and I) felt invincible.  It was all not easy and roses for sure raising a son with Mental Retardation, Fetal Alcohol Effect, developmental delays and extreme aggression.  The prediction he would be institutionalized by age 10 for sure – well we made it much long than that.  We never took a day of respite, we never went on a date – for fear he would hit whoever was watching him.  That was our reality for over 10 years.  He now lives in an adult tenant support home with 24/7 staff because he cannot live without constant supervision.  But he will always be our little man – our first forever child.  Happy Birthday Michael

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