Yearbook 1986 and gum

One of the kids asked to look at some yearbooks.  I found my senior year at LC handy (the others are buried under reams of paper).  Looked at the pictures of me with the football team.  No despite what you may be thinking I was not “out” in HS.  There I am as the only girl with 50 guys – I was the athletic trainer.  Loved that experience.  Then the senior quotes.  Many are inside jokes that I still don’t get.  And mine – publicizing my pet peeve – something I still to this day shutter at the thought and leave the room if I hear it.    GUM CHEWING AND POPPING.  I have no idea what in my DNA makes me hate it.  If someone can’t chew it with their mouth closed so I have to hear the dusgusting sound of it smacking around as well their little and big pops of the air bubbles makes me scream.  I did my part and tried hypnosis as an adult to get over it – I am so hypervigelent – that I can hear it in a movie theatre when the movie is blaring or someone 4 isles over in the grocery store.  If it is bad enough, and I’m irratated enough I will glare at the person if I don’t know them – they usually have no clue why I am doing that, so I end up needing to leave.  Family and children – I tell them to stop.  Lisa would come in the house and take out her gum and our children I can happily report chew with their mouths closed when it comes to food, gum etc.  And they never pop it around me.

The kids after seeing this in my yearbook – it was a very old pet peeve – that they would not change or outlast.  When they have their own place and I’m not visiting will know – “mom’s coming, spit out the gum”.  And if you come to my house to visit, don’t be surprised if I leave dinner early if you can’t keep your mouth closed or need to make that horrible sound pushing air through your teeth to clean them afterwards.  Shut the mouth, brush your teeth, don’t share with me.

I feel better – now my secret is out – beyond those at LC.


One thought on “Yearbook 1986 and gum

  1. i stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and just came back to visit- and OMG- this is ME! i can’t stand those noises and it literally drives me insane. i don’t go to the movies for this very reason. in fact, i just told my daughters who are sharing a ring pop to go in the other room bc i couldn’t listen to the noises anymore . i get it.

    wishing you well, janice-


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