My sister’s response


4/25/10 Editorial letter

I read with interest your editorial on April 20 regarding President Obama’s recent memorandum redefining “family” as it pertains to medical care. I was especially interested when I discovered that the editorial talked at some length about my sister, Janice Langbehn, and her role in shaping the president’s thinking on the issue.

What you may not know, and therefore couldn’t include in your editorial, is that Janice is not only a Washingtonian, she was born and raised in Spokane and is a 1986 graduate of Lewis and Clark High School. I’m sure your readers would have found that personal link to Janice’s hometown not only interesting but in some measure empowering: the realization that indeed, the persistent, dedicated actions of an individual can have the power to affect a larger social issue in this country.

I am beyond proud of my sister and her determination to turn this personal tragedy into a triumph for human rights, and I thank the editorial staff of The Spokesman-Review for bringing the story home to its readers.

Marilyn Langbehn

Oakland, Calif.

2 thoughts on “My sister’s response

  1. So good to meet you Marilyn. I too am an ardent Janice fan! I recently invited her to be a guest on my podcast and, she did an amazing interview. I don’t know how she does all she does! It’s like she’s super-human.

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