David’s Original Story for 8th Grade Graduation

An original story by david


One day long ago, a young lad only “yea high” left behind seven years of friendships at another school to begin a new journey.

The Lad’s journey meant he would join a new classroom were everyone knew each other.  Everyone already had friends and they played complicated violins and violas and Cello’s.

The Lad remained very afraid for weeks.  He tried fitting in by playing soccer and other games but he fell over when he played, angering the other kids, making things even worse for the new young lad.

The Lad thought and thought about how to make new friends in his new school.  This Lad also had a sister who was a year younger at the school but she was of no help.  She would take the lad’s lunch and hide it from him.

The Lad was determined to make his own way.  Then an opening happened, when he played his viola he floated away like the notes.  No sister to irritate him, no other children is to laugh at him when he fell over his own feet.  The Lad began to make friends with his classmates and was invited to join in with the rest of the class.

Summer came and went. The Lad started Grade 5.  He continued to play his viola but began to find the math and reading very difficult.  The Lad never gave up, he continued to do what he felt was the best he could do.  His mothers’ cheered him on to work at his writing, handwork, Spanish and main lesson.

The Lad was preparing for a vacation when grade 5 was halfway done.  He was going to go on the high seas to visit small islands.  What the Lad did not know that God had a plan for him on this trip.  God planned for him to be more helpful than just taking out the garbage when asked or leaving his younger sister alone when she was a pest.

The Langbehn-Pond Clan headed to the sunshine for a week long vacation.  However before the boat left, one of the Lad’s mother’s fell very ill.  So ill that even the best doctor’s could not make the Lad’s mother, Lisa better.

The Lad returned to school after burying his mother.  The Lad tried to remain his happy self but his feelings became easily hurt.  The sadness was like a cloud over this Lad for many years to come.

It was not until Grade 7 during the Lad’s coming of age ceremony, that he was no longer angry with God for taking his Mom.  The Lad realized all along that God had not left him alone because he had his mom Janice there the entire time.

AMEN (thank you David)

3 thoughts on “David’s Original Story for 8th Grade Graduation

  1. Marilyn

    What a beautiful young man you turned out to be, David; we love you and are so proud of you. Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Scarlett

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