24 hours ago, I was watching President Obama tell a room full of people that what happened to our family was “wrong” and “cruel” his words not mine.  Some say not enough is being done, that may be the case, but I believe we will see full equality, I believe it now more then ever before.  Hospitals will be encouraged to change their practices NOW instead of waiting for the new HHS regs.  So that employees like Garnett Frederick and Jackson Memorial will be held accountable because I have found ONE MORE STEP I didn’t now about of who I can bring his aggregious behavior out in teh front.  He still works at JMH and all JMH says is that he many friends that are lesbians – and a lesbian charge nurse was on duty the night lisa died with us 8 behind a locked door.

I looked around as the President was speaking and saw Constance and Chely Wright.  I turned to Chely and told her of our story. Then on the way out.. Constance was leaving and I said to her what the President just  ordered  hospitals must recognize Constance’s partner or vice versa if they end up in a medical crisis and not suffer the way my family – our children did forced to be alone away from Lisa.

We were the first family to great President Obama who is tall and handsome, shook the kids’ hand and mine and for the picture, He gave danielle a great hug – can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I am just honored I was invited, that my brother Skip came along and that the children finally agreed it was ok to miss the last day of school to meet the president.

so tomorrow we are off to Chicago for some event.

Thanks you to HRC for all the help in DC, thank you to Lambda Legal and Beth as always



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