good conversation

hand on the marble

tracing the letters

then the year

then the angel

talked out loud about our trip to DC

meeting Christine Cagney

my first martini

David’s hard work in football

after having a toddler type fit on day 3

of never going back

Danielle putting in 14 hour days

with the Police Explorer

and Katie at home all summer

for the first time since she was 4 months old

listening for her answers, they came

through the wind, thank God

she is there to talk to

there is no one else, almost 3 and 1/2 years

next month

as years go 2010 is better than the prior 3

Capital City Pride Award, HRC Award, meeting the President

Secretary Sebelius, all very caring, remarks it was

“wrong” and “cruel”  were President Obama’s direct words

on the record for all to hear and feel.

I repeat them to her as

I trace her name again and press

my hand on the cold marble and say

“goodbye my love” see you soon


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