our Labor day

Thanks for reading our family’s update.

David had his first high school football game (he is #73).  Saturday the Varsity played at Qwest field in Seattle and lost.  David’s freshman team did amazing blowing away River Ridge 27 to 0.  David rotated between Offensive and Defensive line.  His ribs are very sore right now.  But he played the hard position of Left Tackle (the blind side) and was able to open up holes that allowed the qb to run to the 1 yard line with 15 seconds left in the first half – we went on to score.  David also is on the kickoff team – he wasn’t allowed to play special teams in the junior league because you had to be less than 140lbs – to keep it fair.

So here is the weekly rundown.

Danielle – she has only done one detail since coming back from the academy – they get going again on the 13th.  She now can do ride alongs until midnight with Patrol officers.  She is excited about doing this.  I am very proud of her doing this.  She also is being asked to babysit again for a Waldorf family that has a 1st grader and Kindergartener.  And today coming home from David’s game she proclaimed “yeah school starts Wednesday – back to a routine and something to do!”  She is starting to think about colleges, it’s always something I have near the top of discussion lists.. she is finally getting that she needs to think about it.  She is more into just the name of a school – she says UCLA – so doesn’t really understand the process but I think she will get that over this year. She wants to major in Criminal Justice.

David – his ribs are healing everyday.  They were only bruised – and then he subluxed his knee this week (it dislocated but put itself back in) apparently it was very loud when it when with a big POP – coach said he handled him self fine and went in and wt lifted for his core and upper body.  So it bugged him a bit in the first half today – but he looked good in the second half with no limp.  He is wearing a rib belt just to be sure a hit there doesn’t take him out as they continue to heal.  He says he is ready to start school on Wednesday.  I am a nervous mom for him.  I sent all his teachers a intro letter this weekend so they know his social history.  I know they get a copy of his IEP but I don’t want them to view him as just another kid with ADHD – that is just the tip of the iceberg for him – and only explains him in a small way.

Katie – she too is ready for school.  Middle School volleyball will start on the 13th.  She doesn’t know her classes until she get’s there on Wednesday.  She only knows her first period and advisor – which is English this year.  She will continue with Violin – starting her 5th year. She did orientation of the 6th graders last week as a WEB leader (where everyone belongs).  A MS program to make sure it keeps an eye out for bullying etc.

The Pond’s will be here in mid October for their autumn visit.  They are coming right before I leave for CT for the Lambda Legal event. And are staying with the kids so that I can take this trip.  Katie has decided she doesn’t want to go to the HRC Gala Dinner in Seattle where I am receiving the Equality Award.  She would rather stay with a friend.  Just found out that Olympic Skater Johnny Wier will also be at the dinner and receive the Visibility Award.

Well – now you know the rest of the story – and what the LP’s have been up to.



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