first week done

Well not really – they all started school on Wednesday and now it Friday.  Our tutor is working out – Katie even likes her (which is a major deal).  Autumn is here – no comeback summer here.  It’s been gray and rainy – no last-minute days wearing shorts.  Oh David – I was so worried about my little guy starting High School.  But I worried and lost sleep for nothing.  He was a champion thanks to Danielle – who took him before orientation to walk him around and teach him all the halls, how to get lunch and on and on.  What a difference Danielle made.  And then I worried he would not have anyone he knew in his classes since he is only in general ed in 2 class (PE and Choir).  But he knew one or two kids in each class from his days at horizons and even has Stefani Bowen in one of his classes.  Thanks to Gma/gpa, Aunt Marilyn and Scarlett, Aunt Cathy/Uncle Mike, Uncle Gary, Jerry and Maxine, Anna S., and Sharon Gless for buying up all of david’s “blitz” coupon cards so he could play.  He sold enough to get a sticker for his helmet.

On one end I have a baby in High School and on the other end, Danielle is thinking about colleges and SAT’s.  Where did the time go?  Our tutor, Ms. Marilyn (no – not my sister), will work with her on Wednesdays with SAT prep.  And any homework that is left over from the school day.  Danielle is loving spanish and has her core group of friend – including one from Mexico – in the class.  So homework has been easy.  She gets worried she isn’t fluent.  I told her I took 4 yrs of German and I never became fluent and it was ok.  She really wants to travel to Mexico.

Katie is king of the school being an 8th grader – she is a natural leader.  I’m worried it will be a hard fall when she starts HS next year – but that can be set aside for a year and then I’ll worry about it.  Katie was able to get into 1st yr spanish this year, which will be a review of what she learned at waldorf for 5 years.  It means she will start in her second year as a freshman.  She and I talked about swimming for Timberline next year – it’s the fall sport – and she would be very competitive – but is still hesitant to get back into the pool.  Whether it’s because she set records (which still stand today) in the state as a young swimmer or it was the activity none of the other kids did – and Lisa was the guiding light for Katie as a little girl in the pool.  I don’t know.

Hopefully by Christmas, I will know whether I can return to work from my back surgery.  Though the state moves VERY slow in voc rehab and doing a structured PT program.  So it’s a bit of a wait and see.  Hell I only fell over 3 yrs ago and they just now deciding what to do about my returning to work.

Time to wake the kids and get them fed and out the door.


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