9.11.01 6am PDT

I was sound asleep on the downstairs couch

my love was snoring too loud again for me to fall asleep

somewhere – I hear the phone ringing

it’s ours

I get up and get it and it’s Lisa’s sister – terrified if anyone

had heard from their father -she is 3hrs ahead of us

Lisa is awake by now – no we hadn’t heard from Dad

then we turn on the TV to watch the plane slam into the Pentagon

Dad had been reached he is fine in CT – but now Lisa and I take a deep breath

Skip is a Lt. Col. in the AF in the Pentagon

Unsure what to do – of course the phone lines are down

We wake the kids – and scoot them out the door letting them

see little of the TV.

I sat in horror looking at the Pentagon that Tuesday morning.

I work in Centralia −40 minutes away – and have meetings to get to

Lisa gets ready to parent help in 2 classrooms and

I dress for work.  I arrive around nine our time

Still no word.  All day no word

Was my oldest brother ok, did he get out?

I silently pray all day long.

Quitting time and I head out trying to figure out

how I will know if the brother who has been a father to

me is alright.

5 minutes into my drive home, the phone rings

it’s Bob – Skips son – to tell me that Skip

finally got a line out and he is fine.

His wife Kristy is stuck at a conference in Nevada

and with the flights grounded has no idea

when she can get back to DC.

I thank Bob and turn to call my Dad in Spokane

Dad exhales as if missing death himself

I am sure none of the Langbehn’s

thought Skip was at risk in the Pentagon

I woke up that beautiful day in September in 2001

I began to learn more about Islam and Taliban

Where have I been? I feel like a fool with all my concerns

about Child Welfare only – that was my small reality

Drove into our Driveway and Lisa came outside with a slight

smile – Bob must have called the house first

We hugged long in the driveway that we

did not lose a family

member that horrible day.

Over 3000 others where not blessed like us.

Lisa and I take a deep breath and head inside to face the

many question the children have


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