Happy Birthday Blog

Our little piece of the internet is turning 4 years old.  Hard to believe.  Started this blog 4 years ago so I could make sure family saw pics of the kids growing up – easier than email and snail mail. Since that time, Michael lives on his own with 24/7 staffing.  Four years ago he had just entered a treatment facility to adjust his anti-psychotic meds.  Danielle was becoming an akward tween – almost 13yrs old.  Now she is looking to colleges, driving and amazing me with her perserverance every day.  David four years ago was starting his first full year at Waldorf and gaining friends by leaps and bounds.  Now he is a freshman in high school, plays tackle football and is 5’10” and towers over me.  And little Katie was wearing glasses to correct her lazy eye, just starting to play the violin and at ‘home’ in her Waldorf cocoon.  Now she is the akward teen pushing the limits but showing me the glimpse of her grace and talent in music and academics.

Four years ago on 10.12.06, Lisa and I were celebrating 15yrs of our holy union.  The day of our holy union in 1991 – we were surrounded by Cyndi and Eric Sams, Gary (my brother), Maryilyn (my sister), Catherine Hale (Lisa and my favorite prof at UPS) and our wonderful friends Sarah Kobernusz and Monte Gibbs as well as Tracy Weeks.  Our small crew gathered in the lodge at Pt. Defiance zoo.  On our 15th anniversary in 2006, I told Lisa I was taken her on the Rfamily – Rosie O’Donnell cruise in February 2007 with the kids.  Lisa hated our winters by February and March so I thought because we could trade in those dark, rainy days for the beaches in the Bahamas.

Now 366 posts and 85,266 visitors later, I want to thank you for stopping by and standing by our family.


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