LP Family Update

Hello all,

I realized I have not done an update in awhile, so here is your post Veteran’s Day update.
First and foremost, thank you to those in our family who have served in our Military.  My father – Retired US Navy, Skip – retired Col. US Air Force and Jerry (the man with Lisa’s Heart) – Ret. US Navy.
On to the kids:
The first quarter of school is finished for all the kids.  I attended all conferences last week and was extremely happy with all the kids’ progress.
Danielle – she has really turned on the college switch in her brain.  I am so happy.  She is concentrated on her academics so won’t play bball this winter.  She knows she isn’t looking for a college scholarship in athletics – but will go the academic and community service route.  So she stays after almost every day for her Algebra 2 class – and raised her class grade from a c- to a -.  I couldn’t be more proud.  The rest of her classes from Spanish to Social Studies she is easily pulling A’s.  In January or Feb, I am hoping to enroll her in a SAT prep class on the weekends and then she will take the test in April or May.
Police Explorer’s is wonderful, she earned the ability to carry handcuffs.. so she wanted a pair of red ones.. they are on their way.  anymore gear on her belt and she will need those suspenders to keep it on her waist instead of at her ankles.  She went to the range this week and worked on her semi-auto handgun stance and aim.  She did better loading her clip and shooting.  She left her targets on the table on tuesday morning.. and I thought well I’m not buying her a Glock 9, she can ask G’ma and G’pa, she’s a good shot now.  (just kidding about getting her a gun).  All kids went to the dentist – all are great but Danielle is facing the dreaded wisdom teeth extraction over xmas break.
David- the kid I lost sleep over the night before school started is doing excellent. He has all A’s and one B in english/writing.  He is fulfilling his IEP goals.  All his teachers love his personality.  The one thing he can work on is not “chatting so much”.  Apparently he gets his work done so fast he then “chats” with his neighbors, distracting the other students.   Basketball tryouts start Monday.  And unfortunately this will be the first time he faces a program that cuts kids.  Only 12-15 boys will make the freshman team and about 50 try out on average.  So we will keep our fingers crossed.  He is going to play Golf in the spring.  He started Drivers Ed on Halloween.  He and I have done some driving and he is doing great.  The class is going very well and my concern about his reading level and driving – was just my over worrying.  He will get his license just fine.
Katie – she is doing great also.  Classes appear to be too easy (at times) for her including high school spanish and math.  The only class she has some issues with is Social Studies.  Still the textbooks are formatted so differently than how she learned at Waldorf, it can be troublesome. But she can do just fine, if she puts in 10 mins to study, literally. She performed in her first Orchestra concert and was so pleased to see that the music was finally challenging again.  Her 8th grade group sounded amazing.  I will try to get those up on the blog soon.  Katie finished middle school volleyball – undefeated last week and started bball this week.

I am staying busy with CASA work.  I represent a young child in Superior Court right now.  I report to the court every three months on her progress and her parents.  It is a great fit given my experience.  I would like to take on more cases but my physical condition does not allow for it.  I will be undergoing another brain stem operation soon – hopefully before xmas to work on that Trigeminal nerve again (surgery 8 or 9 I think).

The kids and I have no idea what we are doing for Thanksgiving yet.  I am waiting to hear from Dawn – the kids love to spend time with her – especially the girls going shopping on Black Friday with her.  That are what Aunt’s are for!



this is the link to the HS newspaper ~


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