As 2010 comes to end, I feel the urge to remind friends, family and blog visitors what has happened for the LP family.  I find myself dreading the year in review this year and less of a need to prove I existed this year.  So I compromised with myself, and decided to only mention a few important moments by each month of 2010.  Thank you to all who continue to follow how our family is doing and remember you can get the equality version only at www.janicelangbehn.com. Peace


*I finished up my LnI trial for my fall down 11 stairs back on 8/29/07 – coupled with my MS – caused my employer the State to retire me in August 2008.  Which to thanks of an amazing Workman’s Comp Attorney.

*David paged in our House Legislature for Week 3 – for Representative Brendan Williams (retired at end of 2010).  David did an amazing job on his last day, carried in the US Flag opened the session with the Pledge of Allegiance – a proud moment as a mom.

*Big Bob Married Jennifer


* A great day on March 9th, I found the Gibbs family again.  Sarah and Monte were at Lisa and my Holy union back in 1991.  We lost track of them when we ballooned to 4 kids and they did too.  Sarah and I still have 3 hr Starbuck’s coffee runs – lots to catch up on in those lost 10 yrs.


* 4/15/10 4:32 Pacific Time – POTUS called


* I was asked by Tom of HRC to help launch their 2010 HRC HealthCare equality Index.  I flew to San Fran to launch the report which was dedicated to Lisa and our family.  Though it was a quick trip Marilyn and Scarlett were there with me at the media launch and then we met up with Gary and Jim for lunch.

* David left for 10 days on his Grade 8 trip with his Waldorf class – their rite of passage.  He came home happy and fulfilled.  Finished and presented his Graduation project


* I received the Capital City Pride – Equality Award

* The Kids and I along with my brother Skip were invited to the White House.  The Kids and I were in the “clutch” and first up to meet the President who Danielle proclaimed is very handsome “but man he has big ears”.

* the kids, myself and Beth Littrell(Lambda legal) met with Dept. of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on our trip to DC.  Sec. Sebelius was suppose to stay 5mins -but stayed and hour to hear our story, receive the HRC 2010 Healthcare Equality Index and take official photos.

* We spent a day with Skip at his house and his mammoth cats Buster, Tugger and Smokey.  It was wonderful to just sit and have nothing to do in the presence of my big brother.

* the Kids and I then flew to Chicago (first trip there, and not the last I’m guessing).  I was asked to help launch the DVD of HannahFree starring Sharon Gless.  Spending the afternoon and evening with Sharon Gless – priceless.  I can now count her as a true friend.

* Danielle went to the Basic Police Explorer Academy in Yakima for 7 days.  She was called “curly Sue” on the first day – b/c her hair was touching her neck – she did push ups for that one.  She graduated and her post of Lacey PD took top honors.


* The proposed regs for Same Sex hospital visitation language was put out for public comment


* David began High School and started playing high school football.  Danielle began her Junior year and Katie her last year of middle school.

* Still fighting JMH for all of Jackson Memorial’s record of Lisa’s time there.  Finally decided to call Sec. Sebelius’ office who forwarded it for formal complaint through CMS.

* I was honored at the PNW HRC Gala Dinner with their Equality Award.


* Lisa’s parents and Aunt Bubbles came for a visit and stay with the kids while I headed to NYC and CT.

* We said goodbye to our golden retriever Daisy Mae on 10/2 – she fell ill very quickly from cancer and died peacefully at 8 yrs old.


* I took part in the National conference call for Equality Leaders and then the Media on the release of the New HHS regs for Hospital visitation

* Had Thanksgiving with Dawn and Justine and Alex.  Had a wonderful time – since it’s the 3rd time we have gone, I’m guessing it’s our tradition now.


* I underwent my 8th or so surgery on my trigeminal neuralgia.  Thanks to Chris and Sarah for getting me there safely and home safely.

* Spent Christmas Eve with the Gibbs at their church for a wonderful service

* Dani left the day after Christmas for 7 days again for the Advanced Police Academy.  She is not allowed to use a cell phone or texting so will have to wait to see how it goes.


So there you go – and if you would rather read the “in the moment” posts, feel free to search back.  The blog turned 4 yrs old in October.  It is still the easiest way to get pictures of the kids and our happenings up in a timely way – so I will guess it will continue





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