wake up

In the U.S. we have more guns per capita than any, yes any other, country. For every 100 citizens we have 90 guns. The next most heavily armed society is Yemen where they have 60 guns per 100 individuals. Now multiple our 90 guns by clips that hold 30+ rounds. Talking to a friend tonight, we wondered who in the hell needs more than 6 rounds for gun to protect home? What use do we have for these huge clips outside of Law Enforcement or the Military? I understand the “right to bear arms”, what I don’t get is anyone would need that many shots to kill or wound an intruder in their house? If it takes you more than 5 or 6 rounds to protect your family – you probably can’t aim and shouldn’t have a gun in the first place. What I see springing up is a reliving of the Columbine shooting. April 19, 1999 is when media showed the shooting on every channel and we were hungry for the stories of heroism and bravery. Then the stories of the evil people who would perpetrate this type of crime and the impossible question of “why?”. We are doing it again folks. Wake up, nothing has changed. I know what I am doing to change so this is not repeated. What will you do? Democracy is an active process, not a spectator sport.

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