Support Team Janice – MS Walk April 2, 2011

While it has been years since our family participated in the MS walk – this year is the 12th anniversary of my diagnosis with MS.  Our close friends, the Gibbs Family, oldest son Spencer has been offered to test for his Tae Kwon Do Black belt.  A part of the process is a stewardship project.  Spencer will participate in this years MS walk for “Team Janice”.  The MS Society has made the process of donating to the MS Walk so simple that all you just have to do is: 1.Log onto our Team Web page (link is below), 2. Choose the amount of your 1x donation from $5 on up and 3. choose whether you want to received continued emails from the MS society or not then click Submit.  You are all done.

Our initial team goal is $250 but want to at least double our initial goal. Please support not only my local MS chapter who helped our family in the past with child care, financing of my hearing aid and other MS related need as well as helping Spencer meet one of the requirements before he can perform the physical demands of his Black Belt.  Thank you all:


Team Janice

aka Janice and Spencer

One thought on “Support Team Janice – MS Walk April 2, 2011

  1. Revel Smith

    My 12th year since dx with MS too! And I’m a lifelong member of the GLBT community 😉

    Great site. Donating.

    Best to you,
    Revel Smith

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